Monday, November 1, 2010

Just a bit of Inspiration...

Here's an image I pulled almost a year ago from Stylesightings and even now they provide some great inspiration for Fall 2010. Model Lindsay Ellingson is shown here leaving the Gucci Fall 2009 show in Milan. I love the simple pieces she wears, nothing too complicated, and very understated yet still chic. She looks like she just threw on some of her favorite pieces of clothing without styling herself too much or over-thinking it. 
I guess what I love most about these images is that they capture that feeling of coming home at night after a long day at work in the big city- something I can relate to well.
I'm not sure what exactly happened to Lindsay Ellingson. I didn't notice her in any of the shows this season (although I'm not the most observant person). Wherever she is, we can learn a lot from her nonchalant style.