Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fringe Element

Looking through some old issues of Vogue, I came across the beauty section of a 2007 issue (not sure what month, most likely in spring/summer) covering the YSL fall/winter runway look. What can I say? I find these almost sloppy, uneven, almost thin bangs to be the coolest thing. In fact, there something I would consider myself were I not scarred from my last experience with bangs. If I were to try it though, I would definitely seek out a skilled hairdresser. Executed the wrong way, these bangs could be disastrous.
Call me last season but I love the hair and makeup looks from YSL fall/winter 2007. 
Chic, non? Obviously these particular looks were achieved with extensions but those with fine, wavy locks could easily expect the same texture. The look was apparently inspired by the bangs famously sported by Brigitte Bardot.

Que penses-tu? XXo